Monday, May 31, 2010


Had a nice day at Packington, it was a friendly laid back show and it was nice to catch up with people. Only Zazzy ran today, and she came away with three clears out of three runs, three top ten places between 1 and 2 seconds behind the winning times. She was 'with me' today (rather than in her own world), when she got distracted by something, she responded and came back to me. Woohooo! She played and was happy, and today she heard me telling her how fantastic she was. (Or maybe she always has but just hasn't let on!). Anyway it was lovely to be able to think about the test of the agility course, rather than just fighting for her eye-contact and attention! Finished fairly early and had a lovely walk across the Chilterns on the way home (shame I forgot the camera, there were Red Kites very close, and Common Spotted Orchids in flower).

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