Monday, May 17, 2010

Wot no agility?

My plan: a peaceful weekend .... do some gardening..... watch the birds nesting outside my back door (this pic taken through my window- fantastic camera! Managed to get this picture in the few seconds the wren was there!)

The reality? It turns out that a weekend without agility is both dangerous and expensive!

1) Someone asked me if I would sell my caravan. Having a free weekend, I looked into the possibility of a slight upgrade (sadly couldn't afford to get my dream van - an ABI Adventurer!) I found a caravan like mine but with a fridge in it, and decided to go for it..... You would never believe the out proportion amount of effort and anxiety it cost to change this 1992 van:

for this 1995 one:
However, I now have a FRIDGE!!!! Horrah! And also an oven, fitted toilet, outside water pick up, a couple of extra lights, and a fold-up sink! It needs a bit of work (especially inside), I have started already! I have learnt a lot about Freedom caravans in the last few days! Quite excited about camping now, got a couple of weekends to get it ready.

2) Thought we would go for a peaceful walk along the river. The dogs ran ahead to a favourite paddling place. Unfortunately unbeknown to me some fishermen had spent the night there. Kaydee managed to run through the remains of their fire and get tangled up in the fishing line that they had discarded.... she has burnt two feet, one of which is very swollen and she can't put it down....

Poor Kaydee!

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