Friday, December 30, 2011

Pictures of Zazzy at Olympia

Just love these pictures taken by Ian Watts

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Olympia has the most amazing atmosphere, and it was fantastic to qualify to be there. In the past Zazzy has been overwhelmed by big occasions, and I said beforehand that if I could keep her happy and confident, then I would consider the day to be a success. Zazzy was brilliant, she ran really well, after a little wobble to start with, she seemed to relax and enjoy her day, so I was very happy. However, I underestimated how easy it would be for her to pick up the wrong end of the tunnel, so we got eliminated. I was very disappointed with myself for that mistake, but still, overall we had a great experience.

To end the year on a high, Zazzy won the Agility Club points league for large grade 5, clever Zazzy :-)
We had a fantastic day out at the UKA Grand Finals at 'The Hand' Equestrian Centre, Bath. It was a well organised and very enjoyable event. There was a lovely atmosphere, great people, and Deece was adopted as an honoury sheltie for the day! I was really pleased with Deece, he had three runs and was brilliant. Clear in the first two, but not quite in the final LOL.

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