Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bank Holiday

Well an exhausting week! To start with, the clutch went on the van on the way to work Monday morning, so I was left blocking the A316 (no hard shoulder or lay-bys to get out of the way, everyone hooting and shouting at me, the breakdown recovery claimed I had no cover and when they finally realised that I had and they should come and get me, it took them two hours... bit stressful!)

It was a week until Kaydee could walk after burning her feet by walking over the fishermens fire, lucky that I got her straight in the river and her pads were OK or it would have been much worse, it was between her toes that she was sore, I guess the water could not cool the damage as well there.

With one full time job and two evening jobs by the time Saturday morning came around I had trouble rising early! (The irony of trying to earn enough money to do agility is that I don't have the energy left to do it!) However I did make it to a UKA show near Reading.

Monty, Kaydee, Zazzy and Becky with their rosettes!

Anna and Monty came to their first ever show, and did fabulously. They came second in the beginners steeplechase. They also had a brilliant run in the nursery class (just knocked a pole). Tina and Fish also had two really good runs (but missed the photo call!). Kaydee enjoyed her runs in the two casual classes (one jump height lower than her competing height), I did not do the weaves or see saw in the agility, but she won the jumping. Here's the video of Kaydee in the casual jumping class.

Becky had one gamblers run and came second. Zazzy was a little better than in the last couple of shows (she didn't stop and sniff half way round the course!), but still got distracted on the start line and it was hard to get her attention, then it felt to me like she was running through heavy mud in that she was very slow, weaves were poor, and her turns wide and floaty. In training she is going quite well so it is frustrating. I took a toy into her agility and that training run was better. Despite the rain we had a good day, and had a picnic under brollies!

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