Friday, July 25, 2008

Course news

We now have possible dates, the first two weekends in November, or one day a week over four weeks.
Stuart writes:
'The course will involve the Mobilisation of all joints and relevant muscles and the necessary anatomy and joint physiology to enable the techniques to be applied safely and effectively.
It will probably need to be covered over more than one weekend, probably at least two, or one day per week for four weeks etc. The cost will be in the region of £100 pounds per day per person allowing for ten people.
If the course takes place here in Wantage, I have a hall so there would be no hall hire charge. '

Please let me know what you think about this!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Thanks to everyone who has asked about Becky! She has been very poorly, but made a good recovery and is fine now. She was due to run in the Olympia semi finals last Friday. When I got home after taking Kaydee to the Thursday semi, she had been sick a number of times, but I thought (hoped!) that she would be OK by Friday. However on waking early the next day I found that she was very poorly indeed, she was tucked up and miserable, her stomach was hard, she felt hot and clammy and was trying to crawl behind and under the furniture. Someone had been talking about torsions the night before, and with that seeding horrible premonitions in my head I went into a panic, she looked so very ill. Huge apologies to Dave Ray, who had a horrible (blubbing female) phone call and very early awakening last Friday morning, as I thought that a reserve would need as much time as possible to get there ......

Monday, July 7, 2008

Update on Kaydees progress

Thanks to everyone who has asked about Kaydee! She is now back in training (although at the moment she is only doing about a third of her training, and of course I worry all the time and keep looking for any signs of discomfort!). All in all I have to say she is looking good, and is in much better shape than me! She has a mostly raw food diet now and is looking really good on it. She has started competing again, a week ago at St Edwards she came 5th in the Olympia qualifier, which I was thrilled about, and then she looked even better in her grade 7 agility and came 4th. Last Thursday she went to Stoneleigh for day one of the Olympia semis (she qualified at Ribble in January just before her 5 month lay off!). I was really pleased with her, she came 2nd in the morning invitation run with solid contacts. In the main event she did a lovely run, and although she clipped the long jump (my fault - it was the penultimate jump and I got carried away and pushed her too hard off the end of the dog walk, it was only a short stride and she couldn't quite stretch to it after stopping on the contact, I should have let her put another short stride in), she was comfortably within the qualifying time, in fact she had about a second over the third placed dog. She had this weekend off, but there are loads of shows booked for the next couple of months.....

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