Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh dear

I took a day off work yesterday and took Kaydee, Zazzy and myself to the osteopath. He has done wonders with my problematic achilles and back. Kaydee has been going to see him every month since April. I said in my last blog that I was pleased with her fitness and training, well I must have jinxed myself! At the Rugby Christmas show, she did not run well. There was no power and she was dropping her right hind leg on the poles. It looked like her old problems had returned! However, the osteopath said it was not like before, something more like she has slipped in the mud, most of her problem is in a back leg muscle, although he did work on her back as well. So I will keep her quiet and just walking, with some massage, for the rest of the week. Just two more days after today before Olympia! With a cloud hanging over me wondering whether I should retire her from agility or what other options we have, I am having trouble finding the right frame of mind for it. More so because I am so worried about Zazzy. The osteopath found a trauma in her spine above her tail, as if she had fallen back onto her bottom. He was very worried about it, as her symptoms could at worst suggest a partially prolapsed disc pressing on the spinal nerve, or it could be just bruising, but to be cautious suggested lead walking for a month. So that really scared and upset me. I have been letting her off the lead for the last few days and she has been running like a demon, just what he said not to let her do! I am also worried because she gets so bored if restricted to lead walking, her energy levels build up and she ends up going crazy bouncing round the house and garden, which is probably how she hurt herself in the first place.

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