Saturday, December 4, 2010

December already!

Well I should be able to update with lots of news of agility, but sadly that isn't the case. Partly due to the van breaking down again (can't say anything more about that in case it becomes a court case) and partly because all recent training has been cancelled due to snow.
There has been one of my monthly training days with Lee Windeatt since the last post. I had lots of really positive comments from people who came. Unfortunately as I warmed Zazzy up for her lesson she scraped her pad. It healed in a couple of days, but it did mean that I couldn't run her in her lesson. Booo. So much effort goes into organising the training days!
I was really pleased with Deece. We still have contacts, weaves and tight turns to do (not much then!), I hope the weather won't prevent that happening!

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