Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn colour

Richmond Park looked beautiful this morning

A lovely calm relaxing hour walking in Richmond Park before work was very welcome, as everything has been extremely hectic and busy recently. Fab weekend, I organised a training day at the Dog Barn on Saturday, which all went really well. I trained Deece, Zazzy and Kaydee with Lee which was brilliant (no video though sorry). I also ran two co-ordination and balance workshops which went really well, while Lee taught two more training sessions. Quite a long day, exhilerating and exhausting, learnt a lot, and met some lovely people and dogs. I have had lots of really lovely positive feedback for both our courses, so thanks everyone for that, for coming along, being fantastic to teach, and for making it all so worthwhile and enjoyable.
Sunday I went to the KC Canine Sports Science Seminar at Stoneleigh. Another long day (not helped by forgetting to put my clocks back, so I got up at 4am instead of 5am!). It took an hour and a half to get there but three and half hours to get home! We had four quite long seminars, three were really excellent and one was a bit disappointing. The subjects covered :
The Practical Application of Osteopathy in the Working Dog by Stuart McGregor.
Nutrition in the Canine Athlete by Marge Chandler.
Functional Stability Exercises for the Canine by Jackie Grant.
Rehab, Hydro and Fitness Training in Dogs by Angela Griffiths.
I might get round to writign summaries if I have time!

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