Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick update

Well the van and the caravan keep needing repairs .... thank goodness for Steve Ison (Motorite) who is brilliant and has been making regular visits! The caravan has lots of annoying little bits wrong with it ... rotten front lights, the fridge just isn't cold although it's working, the door retainer is broken, the ceiling is falling down, the battery wasn't charging, and tonight I discovered one of the windows is leaking... you get the picture. I/we have been working through the problems, but now feel like I need a holiday! (Whether the van and caravan are up to it though is open to debate! LOL)
I have been to a few shows and really enjoyed them. I was at Thames last weekend, famous for the live band Saturday night which was/is FABULOUS. They have been playing at Thames for 11 years, that's longer than I have been going! I guess people who do agility are active, movement loving people, because boy they love to dance! The place was packed, the atmosphere fantastic, just brilliant. Agility wise I think Zazzy is getting happier and more confident. The weekend before, at Hinckley, her first run was good, but it developed into a very hot day and she hated the heat (not sure I liked it either though), dropping from one or two to more than six seconds off the pace. This weekend I thought she was running really well, the connection was there, she did everthing I asked and we started to run! Loved it. Becky had a go in the veterans class, recognised some old friends in the queue which is lovely, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself as always. Kaydee had a go in the allsorts, and she absolutely flew round. She seems a lot happier in herself these days. I realised that I don't see as much of my friends who are walking different courses and standing in different queues to me these days. The course walking banter was always a lot of fun. But of course if there are championships to go and watch that gives plenty of opportunity to catch up!

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