Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back from our holiday!

Just back from a fabulous two week/three weekends away, a stange little time warp as it feels like hardly any time at all, and at the same time quite a lot has happened!

Firstly, there was the Newton Heath show at a really lovely new venue (Arley Hall). Impressive house and gardens, and lots of space to walk the dogs. Great courses. Zazzy got a second and fourth place in graded agility classes but was still more than 2 seconds off the pace in the grades 3-5 KC Olympia qualifier (she came 9th, the top 3 qualify).

From Arley Hall we travelled on up to the Lake District, where I made camp at a small campsite on a farm. We spent the week walking in the hills, and paddling in the lakes. Mostly glorious weather, it was just fantastic.Lots of sheep meant all dogs had to be kept on a lead at times.....It turns out that Deece is quite a water baby!

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