Monday, July 7, 2008

Update on Kaydees progress

Thanks to everyone who has asked about Kaydee! She is now back in training (although at the moment she is only doing about a third of her training, and of course I worry all the time and keep looking for any signs of discomfort!). All in all I have to say she is looking good, and is in much better shape than me! She has a mostly raw food diet now and is looking really good on it. She has started competing again, a week ago at St Edwards she came 5th in the Olympia qualifier, which I was thrilled about, and then she looked even better in her grade 7 agility and came 4th. Last Thursday she went to Stoneleigh for day one of the Olympia semis (she qualified at Ribble in January just before her 5 month lay off!). I was really pleased with her, she came 2nd in the morning invitation run with solid contacts. In the main event she did a lovely run, and although she clipped the long jump (my fault - it was the penultimate jump and I got carried away and pushed her too hard off the end of the dog walk, it was only a short stride and she couldn't quite stretch to it after stopping on the contact, I should have let her put another short stride in), she was comfortably within the qualifying time, in fact she had about a second over the third placed dog. She had this weekend off, but there are loads of shows booked for the next couple of months.....

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