Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just to let everyone know, I saw the osteopath yesterday and he is now spending some time putting a course together for us. (Us being people interested in learning how to keep our agility dogs in good physical balance, learning how to feel that our dogs muscles and joints are aligned and in perfect working order, and using joint manipulation and massage as part of a regular routine). He is keen that we understand exactly what we are doing and why, and was also keen to stress that it is not just rubbing/massaging the muscles as part of the warm up/cool down but a much more in depth understanding that he wants to put across. Of course this is not a course in canine osteopathy, but should put us in a good position to keep our dogs in good working order, and to feel any problems that may start developing and prevent them from developing into anything more serious.
Until he has worked out the details, I do not know how long the course will be or the cost, but he was talking about running it after the agility season and over a couple of Saturdays.
I have been really impressed with the strength and depth of his knowledge and abilites while witnessing how fantastic his work on Kaydee has been.
For all those nice people that have asked about her, she was very unfit after such a long period off, but I have taken a month to bring her slowly back into agility training and she is looking good now..... I will try and get a bit of video up if I can work out how so that you can see for yourselves!

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