Friday, September 13, 2013

Bing's shaping games

Bing is a very energetic little character! I have started teaching him tricks, which are fabulous in so many ways; a) keeping him out of trouble, b) teaching him how to learn, c) teaching me how to teach him, d) expanding his problem-solving abilities, e) progressing his body awareness, proprioception, balance and co-ordination, f) building a stronger bond between us.
Here he is playing 'get in the box'


Bing learning to front feet target

Bing learning to balance on a wobble cushion

Bing teaching me the 'five second rule', I got up off my chair, turned around and this is what I saw!!


  1. Oh brilliant videos =) great blog, will be coming back for more visits =)

  2. Dogs are very cute . Awesome blog.Very very good collection . Keep t up certainly i will come again

  3. Bing is awesome! He's a smart dog and responds well to shaping games. Are you going to enter him into dog show?


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