Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thaw at last!

Woohoo at last! We have been able to get out to go walking properly (rather than just to my local park), and there is agility again! Horrah! Zazzy has had her first goes at stopping on the A-frame, the majority successfully! Now I feel back in familiar territory, and can see that indeed, there is a great deal of work to be done, lots of rewarding, and then lots of proofing! I am looking forward to it! Also there is an issue with reward to sort out, as she is creeping down the contacts if I use a toy reward, no matter how it is deployed at the end. HOwever, she is getting over her latest phantom which means she is happy and getting more playful (double horrah!) In fact all four dogs have had a play at something this weekend, and we have all had a fantastically enjoyable time. As I suspected, on the A-frame Zazzy is very aware of where I am, if I try to leave her to go ahead on her own, as that is hard (actually impossible) to do on your own with a running contact. Everyone is talking about entering shows, but as she is being speyed on Thursday, I cannot think about anything but that at the moment.

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