Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pictures of Deece at last!

Deece at 71/2 weeks when he came home with me: known as 'Little Munchkin', best known for 'munchin' everything he could, and humping everything else! Thankfully the humping phase soon passed.
Will he have a beardie coat, or a collie coat?
Deece at 8 weeks, the age where you are supposed to be able to get the best idea of the physique he will have as an adult. Note lack of naughty spots.

Deece starts going to puppy classes at Sue White's, here seen with his best mate 'Squiffy'. Now known as 'Monster Munch', the naughty spots are starting to appear! Christmas! The legs are growing! Who knows what the ears are doing!

My garden in the snow.
Most recent photo (Doing his 'Mr Perfect' impression!), 4 months old and weighing 12.6kg. Although you can't see the naughty spots they most definately are still there! Deece goes off playing with me, and has a phase of ignoring me when I call! His 'big dog' front teeth are through, but he still has baby canines.For comparison, Zazzy is my biggest girl, 16.5kg.

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