Thursday, November 27, 2008

Richmond Park

I am trying to figure out how to get my camcorder tape videos onto the pc, it looks pretty boring without them! Until then you will just have to have my written descriptions!
Richmond Park is my favourite place to walk at the moment. It is plenty large enough for an hours walk at lunchtime (2500 acres), hilly, beautiful, and only a couple of miles from work. As it is dark now when I leave for work, and when I return home, it is really good to have somewhere so nice that I can take the girls to at lunchtime for a good walk! Also I have found that there are less problem dogs walked there than my local park. Possibly because it is big, open and there are lots of cars and deer around, so you need a recall! My local park is small, fenced and gated, and probably every other walk in there a dog will charge over and into my pack. Half of these dogs will behave in either a bad mannered or worryingly aggressive way. Now if I was out in the park and saw a group of teenagers playing, I would neither rush over and try to steal their football, nor try to join in the game uninvited, and I certainly wouldn't charge in shouting and try to jump on someone's back! Also I'm pretty sure that telling them that 'I only want to play' would really not go down too well! Yet, to me, that is exactly what some people are allowing their dogs to do.


  1. Couldn't agree more Hannah. A gang of five dogs barged into my lot who were 5-10 yards ahea of me and minding their own business. There was a good space between us and them. Mine came running to me with this lot on their tail hackles up - so I shouted to owners 'call your bloody dogs back' and then I asked them if they would have been as reasnable as I had been if my pack had barged into them, their dogs and their toddler...No response...

  2. Thinking about it, of course the biggest problem is out of control overly aggressive dogs (I work very hard to avoid dogs that look like trouble, but there have been occassions where I can't escape from them so my dogs have been attacked, it makes my blood boil), however if everyone would take more responsibility for their dogs behavior, starting with preventing them causing a nuisance (instead of making excuses for it), many dogs would not develop fear aggression and more serious problems would never develop. I strongly beleive that if you have a dog and only teach it one thing, that one thing should be to come when you call, and you should be able to keep it under control! I am probably only preaching to the converted here so will shut up shortly, but I just want to say that the more dogs there are in one space, the more thoughtful their owners need to be about controlling them. (Lets not get onto the subject of releasing a charging pack or throwing toys down the middle of busy tiny exercise areas or I will be here all day!)


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