Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fireworks - rant alert

Like many others I dislike this time of year. For weeks I cannot predict when or where the next firework will be set off. My lifestyle is restricted during these weeks. I avoid being out with my dogs in the evenings, I have a curfew of about 4pm and cannot leave my house after then. My dogs are terrified and my anxiety levels go up accordingly. It not only affects my quality of life, there is a very real possibility of it being life threatening. Like many others I know of firework tradgedies. I spent a week looking for a friends dog who had been spooked by an unexpected early firework in the park. We found him in the end, he had been hit by a car trying to get home, but not managing to make it home he had curled up and died under a bush.
I try to make my dogs 'safe dens' in the house, buy expensive calming products like DAP, and find every way I can to make life more bearable for them. Market research for pet insurance companies in 2004 estimated that 52% of the population had a pet. Some media reports suggest there could be 7 million dogs kept as pets in Britain. (Wow at £20-£30 a time for DAP that's a nice little earner!) There is an enormous number of people negatively affected by this, so I can only assume it continues unabated entirely for reasons of profiteering. Shame no one has managed to find a way of suing the retailers for causing such distress, that would seem to be the only way to stop it. Personally I can't see how selling explosives to loads of irresponsible and thoughtless people can be legal. People are free to do what they like as long as it does not harm others. But setting off fireworks irresponsibly DOES!! (Harm others). I think the law should be changed so that their fireworks should, at the very least, only be set off so that they cannot go beyond the boundaries of their own property, although I think it would be much better if fireworks weren't publicly available at all. This morning I had firework remains on my doorstep, and I've had fireworks exploding in my garden. All the open spaces available for dog walking near me have been used to set off fireworks. A few organised events would be something I could work around, fireworks set off any time of the day or night, and a constant barrage lasting weeks, is crazy. If this is a social tradition, then make it a social event, not a one that is 'private' but actually causes greif to a lot of people that you are not even aware of. Get together one night a year! Let the other 52% of the population have a life too!
OK rant over.
(Other rants to look forward to include people with uncontrolled agressive dogs in public places, agility cheaters, and evil neighbours).

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