Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cooling down/warming up

That is, the weather is cooling down, but it's time the dogs and I started getting a sweat on with some training! Both Deece and Zazzy are back doing agility now, but all too quickly the finals are rushing up towards us! This weekend we get to run at the North Downs indoor show, so I guess we will see how we are getting on. I would love it if some kind person would do some videoing :-S

Deece's final is next weekend, and Zazzy is at Olympia the second weekend after that!! Eeek! I don't feel ready! It is getting colder now and I am glad to have 'Back on Track' coats for them for warming up and cooling down in (above is a picture of Kaydee modelling hers), the coats keep the body warm and so a good supply of blood is kept supplied to the muscles. This helps prevent injuries or muscle soreness.(I have t-shirts that I wear at night that help the shoulder I injured this summer too)

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