Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick catch up!

The dogs and I have enjoyed a break from agility, photos of a fabulous recent trip 'up north' to be posted soon! I still miss Becky hugely, and find waves of grief and sorrow wash over me at unexpected times... when we reach a new hill top and she is not there, when we get home and she is not there.... My wonderful friends had a huge canvas print of her made up and it now sits above her ashes in my living room.
The end of season news was that Zazzy won the Agility Club points league for her grade, and Deece won his first G5 class (fortunately jumping so he is still in novice, phew! :-)) They are both looking well after their rest period, and now seem keen to be getting on with things again!
Soon we will start looking forward to starting to train towards Deece's final at The Hand arena at the beginning of December, and Zazzy's visit to Olympia in the middle of December. Meanwhile I have been dreaming up schemes to raise sponsorship for animal rescue charities, more news on that when the plans are more concrete! The other news is that the London Low Emission Zone is being extended from Jan 1st 2012, and my old van will fall into a £100 per day charge for driving into work under this scheme (!!!!!!!) so it will have to go.....

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