Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recent training

Training with Natasha Wise

Training with Lee Windeatt

Deece is a wonderful dog, so happy and nice, everyone loves him. I am fairly pleased with his agility progress, although I have never had so much trouble with teaching a dog to weave. He gets his very long legs in a terrible tangle, and just can't seem to 'get it'. Because he had so much trouble with different sets of upright weaves, he slowed right down. Now he is very accurate, concentrates really hard but still gets his legs crossed, especially in tighter spaced weaves. I think I made a big mistake by teaching him using weaves that are wider spaced, think mine are 23" between the poles. However, according to the current KC rules and regs our weaves can be between 18-24" apart (varying by up to 6" between poles, what a massive difference!!), and Deece really struggles with the tighter spaced ones. He also sometimes looks very ungainly running up the dogwalk, like his back legs are too wide apart for the width of the plank, and he is trying to run on stilts! Bless.
Zazzy has done some fab training, but gets very stressed around dogs that she doesn't know. She does unexpected things fairly often, for example recently she has been flicking away from me, despite doing training exercises designed to improve her running with me.

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