Monday, August 2, 2010

Boogie 1995-2010, my Blue Eyed Boy, RIP

My gorgeous Blue Eyed Boy was given peace this week, after six months of worsening heart trouble, fitting, and loosing the use of his hind legs. How lucky I am to have had Boogie in my life. He really lived life to the full, and made the most of every situation. He was a full-on happy and playful boy, he loved to rip up cardboard boxes (the bigger the better!), loved to run, and loved any type of ball (in particular footballs!! Although any ball would do, and he was rarely without one.) He was a master ball finder, if we ever left home without one, he was sure to locate one while out on the walk whatever the terrain or weather, day or night. His motto was 'Let's Play'. It was very hard to bear the day that he stopped wanting to play.
He came to live with me when he was about a year old, and was a hooligan! I decided to take him to obedience classes, but it was not long before we were asked to wait outside the hall for a while as he was being 'disruptive'. I waited outside for someone to call us back in, but no one did.... I was so embarrassed that we never went back. Luckily someone told us about agility, so we gave that a try instead. Boogie took to that like a duck to water! So Boogie's bad behaviour is completely responsible for getting me into the sport, and changing my life's direction. He was a truly great dog, and he had to suffer all my mistakes and ignorance, despite which he very quickly won through the ranks from elementary to senior, taking me to many finals and teaching me many lessons on the way. Such a smart little thing, he used to make out there was someone at the door and when the other dogs rushed up to the front door he would steal their bones and take them all to his own bed. What a dog. Sadly he damaged a cruciate ligament when he was about seven years old, and not knowing as much then I don't think his recovery was as good as it could have been. He did not get back to how he was before, but he did teach me to always warm up my dogs before agility, because if I didn't he would knock the first pole. His era was before digital cameras so I need to do some scanning so you can see how gorgeous he was. To know him was to love him. My mum fell for him too, and after his retirement from agility looked after him while I was away at shows. A couple of years ago her own dog sadly died and Boogie was such good company that I didn't get him back! He kept my mum company and they were rarely apart for his last years, he had a lovely retirement walking over the Surrey Hills three times a day and being thoroughly spoilt! She is bereft and desolate without him now. He took me to hills, beaches, forests and fields far and wide as we competed around the country, and got me addicted to agility. He taught me such a lot.
He was a little dog, with big paws, big ears and a big heart. We miss you Boog.


  1. I am so sorry Hannah. I wish I had met him; he looks like a special boy. How great that your mum and Boogie had those years together.
    Hugs, Bernadette and Dennis xx

  2. So sorry to hear this - remember the happy years and that it was all his fault you started doing agility! Lorna xXx

  3. I'm really sorry to hear this Hannah :( He really does sound like an amazing dog. xxx


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