Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Game of trumps

Yesterday I was out with Becky and Deece. A couple of friendly dogs and their owner passed us, and Deece started playing with them which was nice (I want him to give him lots of chances to socialise).... then we both went on our ways (in opposite directions)... only Deece carried on going with his two new best friends. I called him, and he carried on playing. Uh oh the first time he has not responded. Hmmm. I got Becky to bark (this has worked with other preoccupied puppies in the past!).... no response. I called again as he was now disappearing over the horizon. I could see him jumping up at the his 'new owner' (naughty boy I have been working in teaching him not to jump up!) and she was gesticulating in my direction. I called again. At last he came running back and I made a big fuss of him, and played with his toy. Well I have worked hard on getting him to play as he went right off tugging when his baby teeth started coming out, but playing with a toy with me does not trump playing with other dogs. Hmmm. So last night I was lucky to be able to set up a similar situation with a friend and her dog, good boy there was no hesitation in coming when I called. Today I went out with sausages. Sausages, I am happy to say, do trump engaging with other dogs. I am not sure they trump being called away once play is underway though, so this is something to keep working on! We are also playing a new game out on walks. If he goes off and turns his back on me, I run off and hide! Ha ha! It has worked like a charm, he keeps an eye on me now! He really is a doggy dog, very interested in smells and he really (and I mean REALLY) got the hots for one of the puppies at puppy class last week, which is a bit of a worry!

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