Friday, December 11, 2009

Time passes so quickly!

It was mid-summer when I didn't finish my last post, I can hardly believe that it is now December!!

The most important thing that I didn't get round to writing about at the KC Festival was that Karen and Todd, as well as Bernadette, qualified for Olympia.
For me Olympia is the most exhilerating agility competition (that I have been to), an unrivalled atmostphere unlike anything else I have ever experienced, with a huge arena, sparkley lights and an immense (and immensely loud!) audience. I wish them, along with Toni and Natasha, lots of luck on Thursday in the mediums, I hope they have a fantastic time. And to everyone else who has done so well as to qualify, well done, I hope you enjoy your day(s). Zazzy sends special best wishes to her brother, Rocky, of course! (he is running in the Novice section on Sunday) and also to all her Waggerland and Nedlo relatives! I understand that including medium, small, large, novice large, and ABC there are 100 competitors running over 5 days of top notch, exhilerating agility. Wish I was going to watch, can't wait to see the videos! It's a huge achievement to qualify, I hope everyone enjoys their time there.

My special news

Well I do have some special news! There is a new addition to my family. Meet Deece, aka Little Munchkin, here pictured at 7 weeks old.

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