Friday, April 3, 2009

My day off - woohooo!!

Here is a group of some of the usual suspects on a SUNNY Friday afternoon, at a UKA show (Scrambles). Leah claims she is no good at running (hate to think what her definition of good running is then :-)) but I've never seen anyone move so quick as her when I produced my new 'phone! Yes this one is a camera phone!! So at last I can have a pretty blog like other people.

Becky had one agility run at standard height. I decided that we would train it, more to reward a wait than anything else. She LOVED it and threw herself 100% into her run! HUGE fun for both of us! (p.s after trying a couple of lunges which usually makes me start running, oh yes she has shaped my response under competition conditions really well, she waited perfectly, just like at training! Mind you she always has been able to tell the difference between a training run and one I want to really run. So it will be interesting to see if I can keep her believing that I am now always cool, calm and in control...someone get Cesar Milan over here quick! lol!)

Zazzy ran her jumping first (standard height), and won it! Her brother Fix (with Shaun Hunt) won the large height section, so a fantastic day for the family! I trained the other two of Zazzys runs, so that she got lots of short sections with high reward to build up her drive and enthusiasm, and this seems to be working. Although there is still plenty more room for improvement I am happy as long as she is happy! I feel that it is important that everything she does in agility is rewarded fantastically at the moment, even if I'm not always quite sure that it is!!
Kaydee had a pamper day (grooming and massage). After discussing her problems with my vet, we have put her on a course of cartrophen to see if it will help with the arthritic problems in her spine. Up until now, she has been able to lift her left back paw on cue, but could only shuffle her right back paw forward and ends up sitting as she tries to lift it. Well today I asked her for each hind paw in turn and could hardly see a difference in the way she lifted both. Co-incidence.....?

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  1. omg Peas in a pod spring to mind, Zazzy and her brother that is !!! xx and I just hate that fact that you had the whole day off !!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


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