Monday, February 9, 2009

Workshop report

The co-ordination and balance workshop was really good fun. Due to the snow it did appear on Friday that four travelling from the worst affected western side of the country might not be able to get there, but happily everyone did make it there and back safely. I was happy to be in a nice warm dry hall, very civilised! All the dogs on the course were lovely, and flew through all the various exercises easily. Usually there will be a dog that finds it hard to accurately place its back feet to start with, or one that hates the rocker or wobble boards, but no one had any such problems last Saturday; everyone made particularly fast progress. It was really lovely to have very positive feedback from it too, I was lucky to have a really great bunch of people coming on the course. I have now written a booklet that covers everything on the course, and more, but I am not sure at the moment how to produce it.


  1. talk to Jay that is what he does! Everybody always raves on about how good your work shops are, I
    hope to make one one day xxx Leah xx

  2. Hi Leah, how do I get in touch with you?!!!

  3. We had a great time Hannah..did you check out my Video of Fozzie?

  4. Hannah, I live in the USA and your balance and coordination program really interests me. I have a 4-month-old sheltie right now. Any chance I can get a copy of your booklet since I can't come to your workshop?

    I'm sure you have office supply/copy shops like we do over here. You could take your material to a copy shop and have them put it in a simple spiral binding.

    Chris Osborn and the shelties
    MACh Night, CDX
    & Darit - my cute blue boy puppy


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