Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have to admit that I did think that Zazzy would very quickly remember what we had started doing agility-wise, as it has only been a few months ...... well I'm here to tell you that she cannot remember how to weave! I guess that I have to remember that she only learnt to weave about six months ago, so in actual fact she hasn't weaved for nearly half of that time. Today I went right back to just two poles, and was frustrated to not have enough time to get even that very good today (unless I find a way to get the stick-in poles to work in my living room!!) My 'day job' is very frustrating at the moment, it's taking up too much time! I carry out pollen research, which is very interesting although very poorly paid. The credit crunch is affecting my job in a rather unexpected way. As our budgets are cut, and the liklihood of redundancies grow, the team spirit has dissolved, as some people seem to be going about trying to make themselves look more worthy of employment than anyone else. The outcome of this for me is that my manager has demanded that I drop my own research and take on her 'grunt work', to boost her research credentials instead I suppose. Great. So here I go with a delicate dance, trying to make my work life bearable and worthwhile, without loosing my job!
Oh well never mind that, I am off to find a way to make two weave poles stand up in the middle of my living room...

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  1. Hi Hannah

    Have u tried sticking poles through the top of small cones! just an idea...

    crap re your job...its soo stressful at the mo..just remember your dogs will always have a smile and a waggie tail for you...

    if you ever want to join us on our weekend walks on the Common just let me know..we walk at 1pm on Sat and Sun

    see u soon



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