Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mid Downs

I took Kaydee to the Mid Downs agility show to see how she was going after her most recent lay-off. I wanted to see whether I should take her to the Chippenham Championship show the following weekend (although that has now been cancelled due to bad weather). The morning was sunny and she had a grade 7 jumping class, which she won. There was also an agility class in the afternoon. After queueing for what felt like an hour, although it probably was only 45 mins, we finally got to the start line..... and the rain started tipping down! I didn't really want to run her in that rain just in case she slipped. But having queued so long I thought that I could at least leave her in a wait, and take her out if she moved..... so without even taking my coat off I left her on the start line. She did a really solid wait, and as I stood there, arm raised, three jumps away, I admit I was weak and thought maybe a training run wouldn't hurt..... so I recalled her and set off, worked her very carefully around the turns, running her to a breif stop on the A-frame, and sending her to the end of the dog walk on her own. Afterwards I was cross with myself for taking a chance, but so pleased with her! She didn't slip at all, her contacts were lovely, and she did most of it working well away from me but still controlled. I couldn't ask for more! She even managed to come fourth, so overall I was very pleased with how she is looking.
Becky, on the other hand, looked a little stiff through her shoulders and I realise that now that she is eating a lot of raw (barf) food, she is not getting as much glucosamine/condroitin supplementation. So I will make sure that I up that for her. Apart from that I am really pleased with the new feeding regime.

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  1. How clever is the gorgeous KD, well done Hannah, she is running really well xxx


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