Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August update

Sorry I have no news on the course as yet, I think Stuart is on holiday. However, I have seen a lot of people at shows so know people are still keen! I have been to a few shows recently, and just when I'm getting into the swing of it again, there is only one left! :-(
Kaydee has been going quite well, she has qualified for the last Olympia semis, but now she won't be going to them..... because she qualified for Olympia at the KC International Festival semi !!!! Wooohoooo!!!! I can still hardly believe it! Even more amazing, Becky also ran at that semi and managed to come 6th so is first reserve, so if Kaydee can't run on the big day, Becky can take her place! Kay came second in grade 7 agility at the Agility Club show, and in the grade 7 jumping at Burridge, but then suddenly couldn't weave for a week in the run up to the KC Fest, which caused me a lot of stress! I went a long way round in the course to give her every chance of completing the weaves in the semi, which payed off, although I nearly lost her in the sequence of 3 jumps at the end of the course. She nearly missed the penultimate jump, I got her back, then she nearly back jumped it, but phew we just made it clear! At the KC Fest her weaves were not reliable, although she got a couple of nice places when she managed them. Becky on the otherhand, although not quick enough to get many places any more, has been doing clear round after clear round bless her, and she did make it through to the British Open finals. (Kay was placed 31st but only 30 went through!) DIN started with wild wet and windy weather, my awning was nearly a gonner but I came back at just the right moment and managed to rescue it. I was judging one day so there were not many runs for my girls, just a champ and four others. Perhaps I will go to Northern Week next year instead, you can do that many runs in just one day! Becky did some lovely runs again, but with places to only 8 she came away with nothing, and Kay and I only managed some 'nearlys'. The last day Kay went peculiar and I worried she was injured again. After pulling her out of the ring took her back to the van to find she had broken into the new bag of food that I had bought for Becky, and she had eaten a huge amount. I was worried sick that she would have a problem, but luckily she suffered nothing more than missed runs, great thirst, and having a lot of pooing to do the next day. Naughty girl!

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